One does not simply just watch The Lord of The Rings…

I’m not usually one for doing movie reviews.. or any reviews whatsoever so we shall see how this goes. What comes to mind when you think of The Lord of The Rings? well, I’m not really sure because I’ve never seen or read them, until the other day. Now I knew the general gist of the story-I mean who hasn’t, really but it was good to actually witness the story first hand on the silver screen.

One does not simply watch The Lord of The Rings, you have to make an epic journey out of it. And that is exactly what happened. *EPIC MOVIE MAN VOICE* 3 movies, 2 disks per movie, 2+ hours of content on each disc. If that sounds horrible well it was a grueling 12 hours of my life that I will never get back… And these were the extended edition ones might I add. 

We started around noon-ish at my friend Brian Tonkays house which he so graciously let us use. Now this was the first time that I had ever watched any sort of movie on a Blu-Ray player and I must say, I will never be able to watch a regular DVD again. The sheer quality of the picture was truly astounding, the characters and the scenery were so vivid and clear that I was debating on whether or not it was actually happening. I could have been looking through a 62′ window into the realm of middle earth itself as far as I knew. The only thing that brought me back to the reality that I was watching a movie was the quite horrible CGI. Although what can you expect from a movie that came out in 2001, 2002, and 2003? I mean obviously comparing movies from then to now is no contest, but nevertheless, still fantastic. Anyway, we were just about to switch over to disc 2 of The Fellowship of The Ring when I finally realized just how long this was going to take.. like we were already 2 hours into the epic marathon and I was already getting a bit stir-crazy.

Now here is where I do my Public Service Announcement.. are you ready? Okay, so when attempting a monstrosity of a movie marathon make sure you don’t drink just soda because you will be able feel the diabetes closing in. During our epic journey, I consumed close to 6 or 7 sodas and consumed a medium pizza; snacks were had too. I felt all of it at the end of the night, and I needless to say my insides hurt. Don’t do that either… it’s just a bad idea.

During my quest to figure out which of the fellowship members I was I found myself leaning towards Boromir. He is an excellent knight of Gondor and just bad-ass truly. He dresses in boiled leather and ringmail, his weapon a great long-sword forged by great magic (unfortunately not valyrian steel) and is an epic man among normal humans. It’s safe to say that he is my favorite character even though he does not live to see the rings destruction in the fierce bowels of mount doom. And let’s be honest, he has some luscious flowing hair. So naturally I choose to live vicariously through him during the movie. I also thought that I would also be like the hobbit Sam, the one who accompanies Frodo on his journey to destroy the ring. He refuses to leave Frodos side which I value in anyone, even if it may be in a syfy/fantasy movie. The movies are fantastic might I add, the story epic and the journey grand, ambitious, and larger-than-life. The journey is bigger than one single character and I truly was in awe the entire time while watching.

Looking back on all 3 movies, I cannot really come up with a definitive scene that was my favorite. I was so overwhelmed by everything that was going on that I could not pick just one scene. Although I did like the scenes where they were traveling into the mines, the battle of Helm’s Deep, when the ents attacked the Isengard and the siege of Minas Tirith. During said siege, the nerd in me came out and I was telling anyone who would listen about the types of columns and architecture used in the castle city. I thought it was real interesting but no one else seemed to care. Despite all the awesomeness there are two glaring parts which I do not care for at all: any scene involving Gollum and towards the end, any scene that involved Froto being a little bitch. Also, I couldn’t help making comparisons to the Harry potter movies/novels every chance I could which was also not cared for by everyone else haha. But now I know where all Aragogs little spider minions came from.

Yet this would not be a proper post if I did not mention the crazy shenanigans that were had. Because after all, normal is all relative and overrated in my mind. At one point during the small intermissions between disks, I took it upon myself to battle people with a flower sword thingy to avenge Boromirs death. Twas a grand spectacle if I do say so myself… no filter on my actions. Really any time I get together with all my friends this happens, and it’s a riot. It was a great experience, one that I will not likely be doing again anytime soon. Like I said, 12 hours of my life I will not be getting back but it was quite worth it and lets face it, what else would I be doing with my winter break?

Behold the fellowship

That’s me in the red, holding the flower-sword

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