“Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be” ~ Abraham Lincoln

Spring break. That week in March that every college student yearns for. It means a most needed break for those of us who have worked our asses off with class, work and practice. You look forward to that extremely long drive to Florida, OC, or any other beach that is enjoyable. A week filled with lounging in a beach chair, beer in hand, toes in the warm sand whilst watching the waves crash ever so violently over and over on the weather-beaten beach. A week of disconnecting with the world and relaxing with friends and not doing anything at all. Oh how fantastic.

But for me that’s just not the case. As I sit here in my chair at home, listening to the rain/sleet that has been falling for about two hours, I wish desperately I was somewhere better. I drink my hot green tea (with honey of course) and just picture myself anywhere but here. A beach? Now that would be ideal but I don’t have a lot of friends that are willing to go. And that pretty much just sums up my life really.. I would love to go places like amusement parks or the beach on spring break (or anytime for that matter) but I’m usually alone in wanting these things. And let’s be honest.. it’s no fun by yourself.

Why on earth is it raining/sleeting on MY spring break?!?! Mother nature really has some nerve… Although its not like I was going to be going anywhere anyway but its the principal of the thing. And the temp isn’t going to be getting above 50 all week… (insert large sigh here). A week of foul weather and week of doing nothing is still better than a week of stress filled school. So i’ll make the most of it. But I look at all the people I know that are off away in some far off lands called Mexico, or Florida and I can’t help but be extremely jealous. I suppose that is normal though. I was unable to go to my senior week in Ocean City when I graduated high school because of being in the emergency room the night before, so now that I’m actually in college I look forward to every spring break. Spring break with all of its relaxing indulgences such as tanning, possibly enjoying a cold beverage, the hot bikini clad females and just the ability to not care about anything. Oh well.. I suppose there is always next year. Maybe I should learn how to be better at planning things (might help a lot). But as everyone I know enjoys their week in the sun, I’m biting my time until this winter when I will be going on my snowboarding trip to Quebec City for a week over new years. That will be my spring break. And I will enjoy every minute of it.


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