Annnnndddd summer is officially here.

And just like that, my first year at the University of Maryland is officially over! Final grade count? HIST204: B, ARCH226: A, ARTT110: A, ASTR100: B, and Uband: A. But I must admit, I feel a bit horrible saying that because I am not one to brag about these types of things.. But alas, seeing as I’m still fighting for a spot in the LEP Architecture program, this is splendid news! But this past year of school has been a whirl wind of adventures, stress, worries, disappointment and achievement. I truly have enjoyed my first two semesters here at the University of Maryland and I’ve learned a lot about myself, changed and become a person more true to myself… A lot of things have transpired but there must be a purpose behind everything right? Even If we cannot see it right away? I certainly think so.  But I digress.. I refuse to worry about, stress out about, or lose sleep over all of this school non-sense for the next couple of months. It’s finally time to kick back, relax and enjoy doing absolutely nothing for hours and hours at a time.

How am I spending my first days home on summer break? Well… I’ve slept in til about 1:30 in the afternoon the past three days, I’ve eaten almost everything I can get my hands on (which is a curious story in itself because the last two weeks of school I had survived off of the 3 P’s: Pasta, Peanuts, and Pop-tarts) and I am currently having a Harry Potter marathon. Gotta get my r and r somehow.

I wouldn’t say that I have big, bright plans for the summer but I’m going to try my best to make me some great memories (kinda cliché but ehh kinda true). I will be working again this summer at one of the more boring pools from last year but it is all relative I suppose because you are looking at the new assistant manager of my pool! And it’s about time really… I mean this will be my fourth year as a guard, third as a pool operator and last year I basically had to save our pump-room from total annihilation. So I had this coming it was just a matter of when. I will also be taking a summer class at my community college because apparently getting a D in physics is not the greatest idea… The class is from 8 am to 1:30 pm Monday and Wednesday so basically I’m hating my life already… But it’s what needs to be done.

So I have decided to make a list of sorts to plan out my adventures over the summer:

  • Relax by the pool with friends
  • Get my tan on
  • Make at least $500 (for my snowboarding trip)
  • Copious amounts of bro chilling
  • At least one trip to the beach
  • Survive my summer class
  • Finish book one of Game of Thrones
  • Get around to watching season one of Game of Thrones
  • Play Roller Coaster Tycoon

I’m almost certain I am forgetting things seeing as it is me we are talking about. But I will most definitely have a most excellent summer and wish all of you out there, where ever you may be, to have the best summer and best vacations imaginable (if you have the unfortunate luck to be a “real adult” in the “real world”