Is it time to cut one of my ears off??

So I took an actual art class for the first time since about 8th grade so I thought Id post some of the better pieces in my portfolio. There is one in particular that I am most proud of, the ink drawing (painting?) of the architecture building. I was told by my professor that choosing that building to do in 2-point perspective was a mistake because it would be very very difficult. But I am a competitive person so naturally I was up for the challenge. And she was not lying… the bridge gave me a lot of headaches but all in all I think that it turned out magnificently. But I’m far too biased so I shall let you all decide. Oh and did I mention that there are literally about 10 zillion bricks? Yeah that was the most terrible part.

Some of the others are comprised of naked people and random still life’s that were just thrown together on a whim. However the last one I had to create my own still life for my final project. I had to choose items that mean something to me. So naturally I picked my swim bag because swimming take up a LOT of my time. I don’t know what I would do with my time if I couldn’t swim. Study? HA good joke… I use it as my outlet when I am anything but happy. Some people have music or the gym but I have swimming. But anyway Hope you like my portfolio! Regulinski_Russell.11 Regulinski_Russell.10 Regulinski_Russell.04 Regulinski_Russell.05 Regulinski_Russell.08 Regulinski_Russell.09 Regulinski_Russell.12 Regulinski_Russell.16