The sweetest place on earth

Hershey Pennsylvania is no longer a place just about making some of the best chocolate in the states anymore, but rather, a place to where you can let your inner daredevil out.

Living in Maryland and being so close to Hershey Park, it has always been the amusement park of choice when deciding to have a fun relaxing day off. Just about an hour and a half drive up 15 North, this park has evolved from a couple of rides to have some of the best and one of my favorite parks I’ve been to. There is no doubt in my mind that it is one of the best parks to go to on the east coast. And don’t you dare say that “Six Flags America” is better or even on the same level as Hershey Park because it just isn’t. Every time I’ve ever been to Great America all the “good” rides have been closed and not to mention it has a reputation of stabbings… but I digress..

Some friends and I went to Hershey Park a couple of days ago (I hadn’t been there in about 4 years since opening 2 great coasters) and I was reminded of just how great it really is. The park officially has 11 roller coasters: 3 wooden ones and 8 steel ones. Of course there exists the “Wildcat” which if you’ve ever been on it know that it will give you a head, neck or back injury after just one circuit. And I cannot for the life of me understand why it is soo terrible.. The coaster was completed and started operation in 1996! Like in comparison to Comet which was completed in 1946 no less, Wildcat is a far worse ride. But since being there last Hershey Park has built “Fahrenheit” and “Skyrush”. Which are two great coasters. But unfortunately they still do not compare to the “Great Bear” which is definitely my favorite one at the park. And with my love of roller coasters that’s kinda saying something because the newest ones are absolutely amazing. So I decided to make a little list of my Top 5 roller coasters:

1). Millennium Force: Cedar Point

2). Apollo’s Chariot: Busch Gardens

3). Great Bear: Hershey Park

4). El Toro: Six Flags Great Adventure

5). Maverick: Cedar Point

I still have yet to ride the “Intimidator 305” which I have heard is another amazingly great ride. I haven’t been to Kings Dominion in eons and I would like to visit to see how my list would change because I’m sure it will. They have great coasters there but I also need to save money for other things like food and school stuff and my snowboarding trip… oh well. I’ll find a way, I must. But go to a theme park, go be a daredevil! Live on the edge! Feel like you are out of control and feel those nerves while on the assent of the lift hill. Summer is here and take it.

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