I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was…

The greatest thing about this time of year? Football. What’s better than football you ask? Fantasy football. It may be one of the best things to get involved with. You get to be a team owner and team coach to best your friends, co-workers or family.

Although it can be, at times, the most frustrating thing. Since its induction in 2009, the Linganore Fantasy Football League has went from 8 teams in its first year, to 16 teams the last three. And if you are aware of how fantasy football works you know that 16 teams in a league is quite a lot. So much so that after just the 3rd round you are drafting backups and backups to the backups. For example, in the first round of this year’s draft the Flacc-O Lanterns (my team) drafted the saints team QB. It was really a toss up between a QB-which are extremely deep in our league and a starting running back which are extremely shallow.

I decided to take a QB (which looking back now was totally a mistake) and then go top tier wide receiver BEFORE taking a running back… Mistakes were made. The only starting running back I had on my roster-Shane Vereen is out until week 11 with a broken hand. Another issue with a 16 team league is that you only have 2 or 3 really good to decent players on your roster which I sorta have but the issue here is that the rest of my roster includes mostly second and third stringers who I rely on for more than I should.

I just cant catch a break this year.

There are no second places. There are no third places. There is only the championship.

There are so many other things I coulda done with my good draft order to assemble the greatest team ever. Didn’t happen.

Granted, it IS ONLY the first two games of the season and a lot can happen with the injury  department because I have all back up running backs on my team. I have no hope for anything above a 10th place performance this year. I also have a feeling that I will never win the “Champion of Champions, Championship Cup” and will not have my name and record chiseled into the base of the glorious cup for all eternity. I will never be able to eat nachos out of the cup, or drink a beer out of it.

Or I could. Fantasy football is real football and the season is still young. Gotta wake up and grind all day everyday and check those waiver wires for sleeper picks each week to power the Flacc-O Lanterns into first place in dah league doe. Good luck to all you fantasy owners and remember to BUCKLE UP.

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