Oops I did it again… missed that application deadline

As Ive said on here many times, I really want to travel and study abroad before I graduate from college. This however is proving to be way more difficult that I had originally thought. For the second time now I have managed to miss the deadline to apply for either Maryland in London or Maryland in Rome by a matter of days. Yeah you can say it is because Im lazy and didn’t sign up for the newsletters and emails from the study abroad office but come on. Who really wants to be bombarded with emails every day about things that don’t interest you. And We are not talking about months but rather a couple of days behind.

Do I feel like a worthless pile of human flesh? The answer is yes.

Is it time to reevaluate my life? Maybe.

Am I over reacting? Quite possibly. But the way I see it, overreacting just goes to show that you really care.

Things just come up, things get in the way of other things and you just simply forget to do certain things that seem unforgettable. That’s the issue here; maybe. Am I doing too many things? Am I involved in too many organizations on campus?

As the semester keeps rolling on the amount of work just seems to keep getting deeper and deeper. There seems to be little time to do much else but go to practice, go to class, study, sleep and repeat. I have found myself (yet again) forgetting to eat most days but whatever…

Maybe the real issue is that I don’t write things down and make lists of things I have to do that don’t involve the IMMEDEATE future. Scheduling out when to do work in-between practice and TerpThon is always taken care of because school absolutely comes first. I also tend to not inform others that are close to me of said important plans which is certainly cause for alarm.  And all of this wouldn’t be an issue or usually isn’t but the fact that this spring was literally the last opportunity I had to study abroad for an entire semester, ever.

My inability to plan correctly will most definitely lead to my downfall.

 With the way my college career is likely to unfold, I will have completed all the necessary class requirements prior to my application to the architecture school this winter. At which time I will be scheduling classes for the spring. So all the classes I will likely be signing up for will consist of one required technical writing course and the rest electives. With that being said, I will have one full semester to do whatever, take whatever classes I want that aren’t required with my application. Sooo the idea was that I would try to do a study abroad for a whole semester in either Rome or London because, why not?  But with that October 1st deadline passed so have my hopes and dreams of leaving this country in search of new, amazing lands and experiences.

There will truly never be another time in my life then in college to go away to a distant land in an academic atmosphere to study and explore and enjoy other cultures. But my passion for studying abroad/ traveling will forever burn as hot as a thousand suns to quote Shakespeare from the Taming of the Shrew.