O’ CANADA, O’ CANADA… Terpski is here!!

Terpski’s annual trip across the boarder to Canada was this past week. A trip that would include leaving my beloved UMD at around 7:30 am and spending 14 hours on a charter bus with 50 of my newest closest friends. The trip was… for a lack of a better phrase, the greatest week of my life. I paid close to 600 dollars for this New Years Extravaganza which included all the beer tabs for the bars/clubs we were going to, as well as the 4 day lift tickets to wonderfully picturesque mountains an hour or so out of the main drag of downtown Quebec city.

[Just a disclaimer, I am 100% legal to drink in Canada because I am older than 18.] Anyway now we can get to the good stuff… Like I said before, this trip was beyond all of my wildest expectations. I thought that we would be going to a couple of mountains much like Whitetail, Wisp or even Liberty ski resorts. Oh how wrong I was… 

We drove up to the bottoms of the mountains and I was immediately blown away. I mean we couldn’t even see the tops, just lifts disappearing into the clouds. There was really something magical about them, about not being able to see the tops of the resorts. The gondola rides to the top were heated and took no more than 10 or 12 minutes. But the ride down… Perfect. So much fresh powder that carving on my snowboard was made completely effortless. There were trails on trails on trails, and if you picked the right ones, you could literally spend a hour getting down the mountain because certain ones zig-zagged in an around the mountain. Although I sometimes spent more time taking pictures than boarding down the slopes. But it was so worth getting snapshots of the absolutely beautiful and breath-taking views. We went to three different mountains: Mont-Sainte-Anne, Stoneham, and Le Massif de Charlevoix. The weather couldn’t have been better either, maybe a bit cold as the high was about 10°F and the last day (the coldest one) the temperature at the summit was -11… But regardless, each mountain was fantastic in their own right and my personal favorite resort was Stoneham which we visited on the second day or shredding. This mountain had an entire side and backside dedicated to back-country trails and free-riding. You could truly get a sense of how much snow they get up there because you would go off 7 foot kickers into fresh powder and immediately be enveloped by a 4 or 5 foot snow bank. The view from these trails were magnificent with all the snow covered trees and little cliffs that you could jump off of. The other mountains certainly had some tree trails but not to the extent of Stoneham.

We stayed in a hotel right on the main drag of Quebec City called Lows Hôtel Le Concorde which was right across the street from all the bars and clubs. We had to get up at 7am to load up all the buses with our gear to leave the hotel by 7:45 which would mean getting to the mountains at 9. I found this as the most problematic part of the trip because we would be rolling into the hotel from a night of complete debauchery from bar hopping and eventually making our way to Dagobert Night Club at about 4am. I got about 3 maybe 4 hours of sleep before the alarm went off but when it did I knew it was time to hit the most excellent slopes I’ve ever been on. Driving through the city of Quebec was beautiful because where we stayed, we got to see the old city as well as the new so we saw all of the old masonry buildings and elegant modern buildings. It was weird seeing the large bodies of water almost completely frozen over. The snowboarding was the best I’ve ever experienced but I regret to say that by the third day I was quite sore. Enough to not be able to bend either of my knees completely and all my muscles were shot. But I wouldn’t DARE miss out on a day of boarding no matter how terrible I felt from either a hangover, still being a bit drunk from the night before or even too sore to move. The hot tub at the hotel proved to be a great way to relax after a good day on the mountain and some of the french girls and Terpski girls proved to be a wonderful site to behold. I was completely unaware of the hot tub before I left so all I had was boxers to wear in the tub, OH WELL! Anyway the girls didn’t seem to mind.

As much exhilarating fun as a day on the exquisite mountains were, the nights on the town were most excellent! We had bar tabs for all of the bars and clubs we went to as a group which was nice because things are not cheep there. I had no idea what beers were good in Canada so every time I went to the bar I had the bartender surprise me. But they were all good. A little heavier than I am use to but good non the less. All the bars had hockey playing on the tv’s because hockey is like the main religion of Canada. I didn’t mind though, and when we made our way outside to walk the 500 feet to Dagobert, all the façades were covered in christmas lights which made for a great sight.

Dagobert was the best club and where we spent most of our nights. We ended up there most nights and it seemed to be raging hard any time we walked in. There were four floors to the club which were a huge coat check room on the basement floor, a huge room filled with like 12 bars on the ground floor, the dance-floor above that, and lastly a balcony bar area where you can watch people dance their hearts out. The club was amazing and chaotic. The french girls there were nice… enough but tell them you are from the states and boom, they disappear faster then a snowflake melting in a fire. So the trick to picking up the cute french girls was to pretend you were from elsewhere. My roommates and I decided to get an Australian accent the second night which seemed to work with stunning effects. They were kinda annoyed to find we were american the next morning though haha, OOPS!! Over all the french-Canadian people were nice-ish but were quite snooty towards us.

This trip was beyond anything I could have ever imagined it would be, from the amazingly awesome ski resorts full of fresh powdery snow and most excellent free-riding, to the exhilarating clubs, bars and nightlife found when the sun goes down. I cannot wait to reserve my spot for next years New Years Extravaganza because Terpski knows how to do it right! I met some great people and shared some excellent experiences. Even with the terrible hangovers in the morning, it was all completely worth it.The slogan for this trip as posted on their website says “Quebec has become a Terpski tradition. If you’ve been you understand. If you haven’t, you need to go. Quebec caters to both the inner skier or snowboarder and partier in all of us. Four early mornings on the mountain and late nights on the town culminate with a wild New Years Eve party at Chez Dagobert, one of the hottest clubs on the East Coast.” They couldn’t have said it any better. The next adventure awaits, until next year Canada, Terpski will be back! 075 091

Le Massif de Charlevoix

Le Massif de Charlevoix




Stoneham Resort

Stoneham Resort

078 081 098 103

Dagobert Night Club

Dagobert Night Club

138 136 133 130 129

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