Who am I?

A student, athlete, musician, future PGA golfer, and someone who enjoys relaxing on the couch, watching movies, and being the best fantasy football owner ever when I’m not swimming laps in the pool. Hanging out with my bros is one of my favorite activities, playing NHL 12 and most recently, just relaxing with a hot cup of tea or hot chocolate. I watch far too much Top Gear but only because it is the greatest show ever created my humankind.

I attend the University of Maryland where I am actively pursuing my degree in Architecture, an avid competitive swimmer (or with most any sport really) a classic rock enthusiast, and a professional couch tester.

I’m not really the best writer in the world, I may not know the “million dollar words” and I certainly will not be next award-winning novelist but hopefully you can take this journey with me as I try to tell my story. I find it easy and quite relaxing to just write about life and the journeys it takes me on. Hopefully I can be the slightest bit entertaining as I attempt to convey the completely absurd, awesome, and random things that happen in life.

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