We got the fire, so lets let it burn

I’m not really a poet, I’m not usually one for writing great things that send the emotions flying into the clouds. But the day before I left for my Terpski Canada Extravaganza something hit me while I was trying to catch some Zzz’s. I was laying there in bed groaning about how early I had to get up in the morning when all of a sudden, literally out of nowhere my mind decided to open up and be extremely creative.

What then unfolded in my head before me caught me by so much surprise that I had to take out my phone and write it all down because I knew I wouldn’t remember it in the morning. It really was just a constant stream of emotions that I put into words.

If you’ve seen A Knights Tale and heard that letter that Heath Ledger writes to his lady, that is what it reminded me of. I didn’t know where it came from or what to do with it. So what better place to put it then here… I have no Idea who it could be too or if I would even ever send it.

When I think of you, the world stops. The problems, issues and concerns that plague everyday life dissolve into a bottomless void. The thought of you brings peace and absolute comfort to my crazy and sometimes confused life. I would love to be able to call out to the world, to shout to every corner of the known universe that you are mine. Mine to comfort when things seem their most dim. Mine to protect when fear wants to wrap its arms around you. Mine to support when all hope seems lost and forgotten. But most of all, mine to love. I knew what that was like for a short while, but that little taste was not enough. For the hole in my heart that you left will forever grow into an empty void, a void that longs to have your love, They say that the heart wants what it wants, that it knows not of giving up. That it is a fighter, a believer. My heart breaks into smaller and smaller pieces as it trudges though the frozen tundra trying to find its way back to you. This world your absence has sent me to is a never ending maze for which I can never seem to escape. I am desperately afraid that it is too late, that you’ve left for good. I pray that it is not so. Hope guides me, though all the days and all the nights. Hope that I will be able to look upon your beauty and once again be able to call you my own.