All you need is music


“Music gives a soul to the universe wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything”

You ever been so lost in a song that you become a torrent of emotions? You forget where you are, what you were doing, even who you are. Your world melts away and you get absolutely transfixed with what you are hearing. You heart starts to race a bit and feel like the only thing you can do I sit there on your couch and just listen to the song over and over and over again. Music that can make you feel this way is unquestionably amazing and it can be quite addicting, it can leave you with a lust for more, with your heart partially or completely melted away. At a loss for words and with nothing else to do but go on an eternal quest to find more. When you are in a bind, when you are upset, when you are happy or when you are feeling any emotion at all, there is a song for that. And what do you find yourself doing when you feel this way? Oh of course you pop in those Apple, Dre beats or Bose noise cancelling headphones and listen to your go-to song that will always make you feel better. They say that music can be as effective at relieving pain and despair  and even the deepest depths of any depression as any medication. I wanna say this could be true and has merit because you can be listing to something and have all your cares and worries just dissolve away. I use my iTunes as my main escape from most things in life that don’t go exactly the way I want because I literally have a playlist for every situation. And that is just how it should be. “Clarity” by Zedd has me completely transfixed at the moment, it is melting away at the very depths of my soul, wanting me to get lost in it. I’m not one for this type of music generally but something about it speaks to me and I cannot help but listen to it again and again. I am totally intoxicated by the way it makes me feel. I cannot place a finger on why it does but why question it right? It’s like something magical that you never want to end. Music is our way of expressing ourselves, it is a way of saying exactly how we feel when all else fails. But if you really want your soul to melt and hurt listen to “Amanda” by Boston. Getting past the fact that it is the best break up song ever, I think it may be the mother of all power ballads as well with it’s sweet harmony and great rhythm. Music that makes me feel completely hypnotized and lost is my drug and I cannot get enough. Ever. I love discovering new music and If you have any suggestions on songs let me know because I love being utterly transfixed by music.