Metro Adventures

Sorry for not blogging recently but school has started this past week and I have been preoccupied with moving back into my apartment, getting everything I could possibly ever need for classes, and being back at school altogether. Not a vary good excuse I know but I hope you will forgive me… and if not, then okay (This blog is for me but I’m glad people are interested in my weird/boring life). 

So one of my of my classes this semester is a 2-Dimensional still life art class which is really just getting me ready for my architectural drafting class next year for fall semester. I was quite excited for it because the class sounds quite fantastic and there is always a good chance of having some attractive females in an art class so that’s always a plus. Anyway, like I said I was excited about it until our professor says you have to go to a fancy art store filled with snobs to spend $200 on the most random things that I will probably never use again in my life after this class. So in any case, I went on an adventure to the Utrecht art store in the good O’ Washington DC. 

Let me start off by saying it has been as cold as the arctic pole the past couple of days and I literally live as far away as possible to any and everything at school. The walk to the college park metro station is normally 25-30 minutes long when the buses are not running. I don’t mind walking there because I like to walk, and its a nice a way to think and contemplate. The trip didn’t start off that well due to scheduled track maintenance that I was unaware of which added an additional 45 minutes in each direction. It was quite confusing because you had to catch the train on the opposing side of the platform and you wouldn’t know what direction the next train was going. Quite frustrating really. Then once I figured out which way to get to the next line and platform (yes I got kinda lost in China town and Metro station) there was dealing with all the people on the trains. Just imagine how sardines feel… it was terrible. Then on my way to the art store, I got lost by the McPherson street metro station and fumbled around the streets by Franklin Park for about 45 minutes in the frigid coldness whilst snow was falling too. But the worst thing was that I actually cannot read a map correctly because as I was looking at google maps on my phone I realized that I had been reading it sideways. I had been walking in the wrong direction freezing my ass off!

So after I finally got all my supplies I ran into far more traffic on the trains then when I set off. It felt as though all the people in DC decided to descend into the bowels of the metro. I couldn’t move anywhere and missed at least 2 trains because there were so many people. I don’t think I have ever felt claustrophobic in my life but being next to a big, over-weight man who smelt like hot dogs I felt like I was going to die, seriously.. I was hating the train ride back to good O’ college park, literally haven’t been that uncomfortable in eons. But luckily it only lasted a couple of stops otherwise I would have died from being squashed into a human pancake. I don’t think that it could have gone any worse and next time I have to get to DC I will definitely check to make sure there is no track maintenance. Mistakes were made but it was an adventure nonetheless.