The ramblings of a college student

Between the physics class I am taking this summer currently and work literally everyday, I don’t really have the time to just sit back and enjoy my summer. This class is at 8 in the morning until about 1:30ish in the afternoon which can be described as no less than a marathon of physics. Not my ideal way to spend my Monday’s and Wednesday’s at all… but it is what needs to be done. And even with this class I still feel like I am always behind in school. Obviously not literally because if I was I wouldn’t have done so well this semester but what I mean to say here is that I feel like I should be farther ahead than I am currently. I guess that’s what happens when the friends you have are a year ahead of you and all you do is compare yourself to where they are at in their lives. I mean I guess when it comes down to it I am actually maybe a year behind the people that are my age and in the architecture school but that’s only because I transferred in and cannot apply until the winter. But ultimately what I think it comes down to is just me wanting all these things that my friends have or people I know have that I just cannot obtain at this point. I think the biggest thing I want in life is to study abroad. I want to experience a new place which is  completely different than Frederick County Maryland. I want to be immersed in a culture I have never experienced. So many people I know are going abroad or have gone abroad and I am so incredibly jealous. My time will come though so I just have to bite my time until I get accepted in the architecture school and have to choose between England and Rome for a semester. It will no doubt be the toughest decision of my life. But the other day I was truly at peace and it felt amazing. Laying out on a beach chair on my pool deck with the sun shining bright, book in hand and drinking refreshing lemonade. Nothing else mattered, no worries about life and no worries about my future. All I concerned myself with was reading the second Game Of Thrones. I don’t even see words when I’m in the zone, all I see is the movie that my mind creates. I think I sat outside for about 5 hours, went through about 7 glasses of lemonade and it was probably the most relaxing I have been in a while. I just have to stop and do that more often. And I intend to as much as I can.