Future Thoughts

While walking on the mall, on my way to the National Museum of the American Indian for my last project for my snore of a historical preservation class, I caught myself turning around and staring at every jet that took off from Reagan National Airport. I’m not really sure why today was the day that this happened, but I’ve never really stopped to notice jets taking off before. This made me think.. why, whats the big deal? I’m just curious to know the destinations of the flights and imagine being among the clouds, being whisked away to have adventures in new exciting places. I like to imagine all the crazy or awesome places that people go to. When I see one I automatically think of all the places that I desperately aspire to go to, all the things and places that I want to explore in life still. Which leads me to something else. I know that I want to go out and experience the world, get out of my comfort zone I call Maryland because there is only so much you can learn and see from a book about the great cities of the world. I would really like to see the great artistic and jaw dropping architecture of Florence, Rome, Venice and Greece come alive and off the pages of my architecture textbooks. I want to explore and experience the atmosphere of being in the Pantheon, in the Sistine chapel and in the cathedral at Notre Dame. The idea of being surrounded by the worlds greatest architecture and the culture in which it exists would be the best thing ever. It is really just a matter of time before I begin the quest to see the best architecture the world has to offer. Which raises something else.. when I finally do go abroad and witness what the world has to offer, will I fall in love with a certain place and not want to go back to everything I know and love in the good o’ United States? That I cannot be sure of but If that does end up happening, I will definitely have a lot to think about. I feel as though I would love to live in a place that has a lot of great historic architecture along with modern city amenities (because I don’t actually want to live in the past). I think the best place would be the renaissance areas of Italy, but getting past the language barrier would be the biggest test because lets face it, to really get a sense of the new place you’re in, you have to explore the non-touristy places where people may not speak a lot of English  Another problem would be finding the patience to actually learn a new language (which I may or may not have). But for now all I can do in the very near future is drive to the nearest airport, watch the planes take off and wonder where they are headed, only hoping I will have a chance to explore the great architectural cities of the world.